About Us

On absolute-tabs.com we specialize in delivering high quality and accurate guitar pro tabs as per your request. We have multiple teams who specialise in creating guitar pro tabs each with their own individual musical tastes. The way it works is simple, firstly you or another member of the site submits a request for a song they would like to learn, our team checks the request with the most likes and evaluates the request, checking that it is not a repeated request and if it is a Live tab request we check if it is within our audio quality standards.

Secondly our team begins the tab creation process, this typically lasts between 2-5 days depending on the complexity and length of the song and lastly we upload the guitar pro tablature to the website ready to be viewed and played back from our built-in tablature reader.

Any request from any genre is allowed but we encourage the community to request songs that are not available anywhere else. We only allow 1 version of a tab at any time on this site with the exception of live versions, so if you have any issues please let us know in the comment section of that tab.

Site Rules


  • You agree that we reserve the right to change the rules at any time for any reason.

  • No trolling, spamming or advertising. That includes racism, sexism, discrimination, use of homophobic/racial slurs. Respect each others musical tastes and opinions. A civilised debate
  • Copying, recording or distributing any tablature on the website is strictly prohibited and may lead to a legal case against you.